Classical education can be different from mainstream education that you can find in most of the institutions in Texas, and hence many parents prefer to send their children to any Providence Classical school in Katy Texas.

Following are few reasons why people feel it is better to send their children to an institution providing classical education.

  • Will provide solid foundation about fundamentals

Classical education can always provide strong foundation in subjects like mathematics, language, science by using classical methods used in most of the grammar schools.

  • Substantive learning

With detailed learning, the mind of young minds of students can be developed for deep thoughts in the classical education system, that most of the mainstream education system underestimate.

As a result, mainstream education denies the students about the richness of learning that they deserve.

  • Develop ability to speak and write confidently and articulately

Unless one does not communicate, even the best of the ideas can never spread. In classical education, students are given training in the rhetoric art, through debates and studying logic.

  • Well-practiced minds

By debating with teachers and other students, students can always sharpen their mind and learn about various issues in much depth.

Those students who are very thoughtful will be able to express themselves very well.

  • Critical thinking

One indication of the success for using classical approach is the development of skills for strong critical thinking, which can be seen in the performance during college entrance examination.

  • Personal diligence and self-control 

Classical approach will develop work habit which is healthier that can serve well for students all throughout their life.

  • Honor and character

The main goal of such classical education is love which is good, instead of teaching do’s and don’ts.

  • Deep friendships

Due to smaller class size, the amount of interaction and depth of discussion held in classes will create such environment where all students will grow together.

  • Sense of purpose

Students are taught to appreciate influence of God by relating with the historical events that happened around us and help students to understand the greater purpose of their lives.

  • Christian world view

Classical education helps student to know about Lord Jesus and thus the message of God is passed on to the coming generation.

  • Academic performance statistics

It has been seen that most of the students coming out from classical Christian schools have been consistently scoring above the students of mainstream education system.

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