A domestic violence conviction can have drastic consequences on an individual’s life. The legal system protects the victims of such violence by inflicting harsh sentences on the accused. When you have been accused of domestic violence, you must take these allegations very seriously to ensure that your future is not ruined. 

Seeking legal counsel is one of the first steps you must take after such accusations. Consult a knowledgeable and experienced domestic violence lawyer Vancouver, BC, that can guide you throughout the legal procedure and enables you to protect your rights. 

What are the types of domestic violence?

Domestic violence is the violence that people face in a domestic setting and is usually committed by family members and partners or ex-partners. Although most people believe that violence can only be physical, that is not true. Usually, a victim experiences more than one form of domestic violence. 

  • Physical abuse

When an individual uses physical force against someone else without their consent and intends to hurt them and cause bodily injuries, it is considered to be physical abuse. The abuser may even use a weapon to cause injuries in some cases. The victims’ injuries do not have to be severe to be considered domestic violence. 

  • Sexual abuse

Sexual abuse occurs when someone forces another person to commit sexual acts without their consent. Rape, groping, grooming, and sexual harassment are some kinds of sexual abuse. Anyone can be a victim of this kind of violence regardless of their gender. Acts such as sabotaging birth control measures are also recognized as sexual abuse. 

  • Emotional abuse 

Mental health is as important as a person’s physical health for their well-being. The person may manipulate and control the victim by invoking fear, usually by threats and isolating them. Threats do not always have to be verbal in nature. Emotional abuse can even lead to depression, anxiety, and suicidal tendencies in the victim. 

  • Economic abuse. 

In many domestic settings, it is common for one partner to rely on the other for their financial needs. When the person has control over the finances and withholds money from the other while making all financial decisions, it is economic abuse. Their actions make the victim unable to support themselves and depend on them entirely, preventing them from leaving the situation even if they want. 

Your Vancouver lawyer assesses the domestic violence charge against you and provides you with the legal aid and support you need throughout. They work dedicatedly to reduce or dismiss the charges against you and are aware of the laws that affect your case. Without their help, you will likely end up with strict punishment. 

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