Sending your child to school for the very first time can be an emotional time for both mother and child, and if your son or daughter will soon be at the age when they should attend kindergarten, there is much to consider when looking for a suitable school. This article aims to assist you in your school selection by highlighting important aspects of a good early learning program that you can look for.

Fun-Based Curriculum

This is a very important aspect of any early learning program, as very young learners are not ready for the traditional classroom instruction to be found in the later grades, besides, they have a very short attention span, so activities should never last longer than 30 minutes. There is a great kindergarten in Bangkok that ticks all the boxes regarding early learning education, and they can easily be contacted with a Google search.

Emphasis on Developing Creativity & Imagination

Both creativity and imagination need to be stimulated at an early age, with art, story-telling and other creative activities that allow the children to fantasise and explore their creative talents. Art is a great medium for this, and, of course, art comes in many forms like finger painting and making things from clay, or cutting paper shapes to make a collage. Using their hands to make things also helps to develop small muscle groups and coordination, so look for a school that stresses developing creativity and imagination.

Learning Essential Social Skills

This should be a priority for every early learning program, as young children need to learn how to share things and how to respect other people’s property, plus they should be interacting with their peers, which will help them to understand how relationships should work. Teachers would be ideal role models for suitable social behaviour and are always aware of the responsibilities they hold in this regard, while also encouraging the children to freely express themselves in many forms.

Parental Participation

Every school, regardless of student age, should actively try to involve the parents on multiple levels, as this helps parents to gain a deeper understanding of how their children learn, and some kindergarten programs even host workshops for the parents with the aim of helping them to understand how learning best occurs with very young children. Any school that is of the opinion that parents should not get involved with what happens at school should be avoided, as this is not a healthy stance at all.

Short Activities

Small children have a very short attention span and therefore they should not be doing anything for longer than 15-20 minutes, and most kindergarten schools fully understand this and a large part of the day involves the children engaging in their favourite activities, which would be combined with a few group sessions.

The main goals for an early learning program should be to develop social skills, creativity and imagination, while also developing a life-long love of learning, and hopefully, you will find such a school in your area.


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