What parents might remember of their college search process is much different than what their children will have to experience. As the ‘traditional’ college search process continues to stray further from exactly that, more and more educational institutions are working toward a digital recruitment process that is developed specifically for the upcoming generation of college students. Though this can make matters confusing for parents, students of this generation are incredibly influenced by the content they see on popular social media applications. Understanding this, the college marketers, recruiters and other professionals responsible for attracting these students to their institutions have pivoted efforts accordingly. While it’s true this required necessary adjustments to their marketing and communication efforts, the content produced is much more effective in influencing the prospective college students as compared to otherwise traditional methods. Interested in the ways in which these institutions are leaning into the digital landscape of the college search process? Continue reading on to the resource accompanying this post for more information on the methods finding success in recruitment.

The Digital Landscape Of College Search provided by Encoura, one of the premier choices in undergraduate digital marketing

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