It is only in the last decade that society has accepted that many people suffer with mental health issues and the current pandemic has certainly been stressful for many; those who have lost loved ones to Covid and the many who are now unemployed, due to the lockdowns. Fortunately, there are online counsellors who devote some of their time to receiving video calls from people who are stressed about something.

Here are a few of the scenarios when a person would benefit from mental health counselling.

  • Drug Addiction – Sadly, many people who are anxious, seek to escape in the world of mind-altering substances, which adds to the problem rather than providing a solution. There are also addict recovery groups online
  • Anxiety Attack – Having someone who will listen is very valuable thing when a person is suffering from anxiety and a qualified counsellor understands what you are going through and is trained to offer the best assistance and support. During the pandemic, trained counsellors are in high demand, as more and more people are suffering from stress during these troubled times.
  • First Responder Retirement – When a person who has worked on the front line all their life suddenly is faced with inactivity, it can feel as though you have no more purpose in life and with organisations like First Responder Retirement, the retiree draws up a new life goal plan and learns to let go of the emotional load.
  • Relationship Difficulties – The extended lockdown has caused many couples to encounter problems and in such a situation, both parties can have a Zoom call with a marriage guidance counsellor, someone who is trained to help people work their relationship issues out. This eliminates human contact during the pandemic and many couples have managed to overcome their issues after consulting with an online counsellor.
  • Suicidal Thoughts – We are all unique and respond to pressure in different ways; when you are having problems with your partner, then you lose your job and the financial pressure builds, these things can push a person towards suicide and only a trained person can understand what the patient is going through. It can be a very dangerous thing to lose your will to live and it is comforting to know that there are people ready and able to assist.

Mental health counselling is just one of the telehealth services now available and if you need someone to talk to, Google is your best friend.

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