You are probably worried for all the subjects in general as 10th class boards are hyped up to a level that is way above what they deserve, but Social Science is a subject most people are worried about the most. As there is just so much content to take in, students often find it difficult to manage to cover the syllabus in time. Students also find the contents of social science very boring along with it being time-consuming. If we are one of these students who find class 10 social science extremely boring and can never bring yourself to study it as you are not able to develop any interest, you need to strategize your preparation well to make sure you are doing enough despite not having enough interest in the subject. Even if you are one of those who enjoy the content of class 10 Social Science, following the below points will surely help you to boost your performance in your board exam.

So here we are going to look at the perfect tips and tricks to strategize your class 10th board preparation to score better than you never even expected for yourself in your social science exam.


Before starting any kind of preparation, you need to analyze the syllabus properly and devise a study plan according to you which suits you on a personal level. Be sure to make a unique study plan for you and not just copy one from others on the internet as this schedule needs to resonate with you personally in order for you to follow it wholeheartedly. You can check the CBSE Class 10 Syllabus For Social Science for preparing your personal schedule as mentioned above. 

You should be consistently giving the subject time as the syllabus is massive and it will be impossible to cover it in the final days of your preparation. So make sure to devote some time to it daily to make sure you do not end up in a panic situation in the end days.

Choosing the right Study Material

It is really important that you cover the NCERTs properly as the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) designs the papers wholly based on the NCERT books. However, in case of a subject like Social Science, where things can often get quite boring and reading from books might seem exhausting in some ways, we recommend you must focus on your school lectures too and make notes along with it. You can also watch video lectures along with reading the NCERTs to make the subject slightly more interesting. Almost infinite video lectures are available online on services like youtube, but make sure to check the comments or reviews before watching them ensure that they are good quality ones.

We do not recommend using any extra books for CBSE Class 10 Social Science because there is already too much content in the NCERT books that you are already going to find it difficult to cover it all in the available time so adding more content will be kind of stupid. Also, as the board exams are majorly designed from the NCERTs and Social Science is not a subject like mathematics where practice will help you improve much, so going through reference books is simply not worth the effort. 

Previous Year Papers

You should be solving at least 5 previous year papers for your social science class 10th board exam. You must already know the importance of solving sample papers and all, and previous year papers are the perfect sample papers for CBSE boards out there.

However, we strongly suggest only starting with the previous year papers once you are done with every other aspect of your preparation, namely, covering each chapter, reading as well as revising the NCERT books and your notes thoroughly at least once, solving individual chapter tests, and doing anything else you might feel like you need to do or your teacher might have suggested you to do. Also, try to improve your time management skills during the exam through these previous years’ papers.

Important factors

  • You must not ignore the maps in different chapters. Many students tend to do this completely ignoring the fact that at least one question based on maps is going to certainly come in your CBSE Class 10 board social science exam.
  • Analyze all the papers you solve very well and use them to strengthen your weaknesses. 
  • Ask as many doubts as you need to. The Social Science textbooks are written in a way that might be difficult to understand for some students. So whenever you are having any doubts ask your teachers without hesitation.
  • To make a decent impression on the paper checker, attempt the paper neatly. Answer all the questions in points and give gaps between each point and two gaps between each answer. Make sure that your handwriting is readable by the examiner.
  • While reading the NCERT books for the first time, highlight or underline all the things you find important and focus more on them when you are reading next. This is a kind of less time-consuming way of making notes for Social Science.
  • Force interest in the subject while studying this. We have already mentioned how some students find social science to be a very boring subject so you need to ensure that you do not do the same as it will really hamper your score in the exam.


Social Science is a subject which you might find difficult to study at times. Thus having a perfect strategy to plan your study will help you in maintaining consistency even if you are not able to develop any significant interest in the subject. Make sure to follow all the prerequisites we have mentioned well and choose the right study material for yourself. Be confident in what you are doing at stop questioning yourself in every step of your preparation. Solve at least 5 previous year papers and keep in mind some of the important tips. We hope that this article will help you a lot in your preparation for the Class 10 CBSE Social Science board examination.

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