JEE Main is a difficult exam to pass. It might take months or years of hard effort and planning. The majority of candidates begin their preparations at least a year in advance, but others begin a month or two before the designated examination date. While everyone has their unique exam preparation technique and study methods, they all end up crumbling under pressure or when panic sets in.

If you’re feeling under a lot of strain owing to a lack of preparation time, we’ve put up a comprehensive study plan to help you prepare better for the JEE Mains test. This will not only provide you with useful information but will also enhance your chances of passing the exam. Before we proceed with the tips to prepare for the JEE Exam at home, don’t forget to access JEE Main Sample Papers for practice. 

Below are listed the most important tips to prepare for the JEE examination at home: 

  • Use The Right Books.

You don’t need to refer to 10 books for one subject in the IIT JEE Examination preparation. The most fundamental study material is the NCERT books that are recommended by many but there are other good books that you can refer to for gaining proper knowledge about certain concepts and topics. Make sure that you have limited sources that you revise multiple times to obtain a crystal clear conceptual understanding of all the topics in the syllabus. 

  • Understand the Syllabus.

It is an incorrect strategy to disregard the curriculum entirely. There are several advantages to knowing the JEE Main curriculum. You will receive vital insights and information about essential chapters and concepts that you should focus on, the authors’ and question setters’ aims, and a variety of other useful details by receiving a full overview of the syllabus. This will also assist you in building a well-organized JEE Main test preparation approach.

  • JEE Main Question Papers must be solved.

This is an old proverb, but it’s true: practice makes perfect. The more you practise, the better you’ll understand how to solve questions in the examination.  So make the most out of the chapter exercises, mock exams, sample papers, and any other practise opportunities you have to assure that you succeed in your JEE Main preparation. Only by traversing every road leading to JEE Main, will you be able to achieve your objective. 

You should solve a lot of question papers during your JEE Main preparation, whether they are sample papers or previous year questions. As you continue to solve question papers, you will gradually get more familiar with the question structure, types of questions, test duration, and marking scheme.

  • Take Mock Exams to Familiarize Yourself With The Real Exam Scenario

In order to succeed in the JEE examination, you need to practise by taking mock tests in addition to solving the question papers. Mock exams will help you prepare for the real exam, which is generally held in a computer-based manner for JEE Main. Mock exams will also assist you in considerably improving your exam-taking and time-management skills. 

  • Engage yourself in any recreational activity.

This is the most crucial thing you can do in the last few months of JEE Main preparation. Going out to play, taking a stroll, listening to music, watching funny shows, or a little out-of-tune bathroom singing are all acceptable options. During  the JEE preparation, the most essential factor that separates the toppers from the others is the difference in the mindset. Only with a combination of a right mindset and the right preparation strategy, can you clear this highly competitive exam.

Additional JEE Main Preparation Tips (subject-wise)

When it comes to subject-specific preparation, we recommend that you devote sufficient time and attention to each of the three subjects: Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.

  • Mathematics

Math is one of those subjects that needs both theoretical and problem-solving abilities. You must be proficient in both areas. You should first fully comprehend the theory before applying it to different problems. Practising consistently is the only way to develop confidence, master and improve your math fluency. 

  • Physics

Physics is another topic that necessitates a thorough grasp of the concepts as well as their application in a variety of contexts (real-world) and mathematical problems. Develop a thorough knowledge of all of the fundamental ideas and avoid rote learning. You may improve your performance in the subject by using the IIT JEE Physics Study Material that is available online. 

  • Chemistry

In most cases, chemistry includes a large number of reactions, processes, and equations. Furthermore, when studying chemistry for JEE, you should become familiar with and understand all of the terms, symbols, and diagrams. Ideally, you should prepare effectively for this part using the NCERT books. You may also visit online websites to get IIT JEE Chemistry Study Materials.

JEE Main Preparation Tips- Important Points 

We’ve included some general JEE Main preparation suggestions below:

  • Spend more time honing your skills in those areas of the JEE Syllabus in which you are lacking. 
  • Practice consistently and keep up to date to grasp the subject.
  • Do not skip any topics that have a high marks weightage in the JEE Examination.
  • Make a list of formulae, concepts, pointers, and key chapters.
  • Self-evaluate on a frequent basis to track your preparation progress.
  • Get all your doubts cleared as soon as possible to ensure a smooth and clarity-driven JEE Examination preparation. 
  • Maintain an optimistic attitude and keep yourself motivated.
  • Maintain a healthy and fit mental and physical state to be able to study more productively. Have a healthy diet, get enough rest, and relieve stress by participating in some recreational hobbies.

To summarise, the key to a good run in any entrance exam is preparation, and only the most sincere candidates can achieve that aim. Although the entire preparation phase for IIT JEE Examination can be quite challenging and stressful, you must have faith in yourself and you should diligently implement the tips given above. To guarantee your admission at an NIT, IIT, or GFTI, follow the aforementioned tips and methods. Remember that through your hard work and persistent efforts, you too can ace this exam. Best wishes!!

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