Undergraduate study in the United States, many students will entangle, choose SAT or ACT, both of which are American college entrance exams, as one of the admission criteria.

The new SAT is also the American college entrance examination in the traditional sense. After the reform, a total of 1600 points, divided into reading, grammar and mathematics, selection and writing. The results are valid for 2 years. The SAT II, also known as the SAT Subject, is a special level test that is divided into five major categories: Mathematics, Science, Language, English, History, and Social Sciences. On each exam day, candidates pick up at most three different subjects for the exam.

Most universities do not require students to take the SAT Subject, but like some top schools, such as MIT, students are required to test the Math SAT II, and the Science SAT II to determine the student’s mathematical ability and to screen students with strong mathematical background.

ACT is called American College Test. The test score is 36 points. It is divided into English, mathematics, reading and scientific reasoning, and writing is also selected. Students in seven states in the United States must attend ACT, Illinois, Colorado, Michigan, Wyoming Week, Tennessee, Maine.

From the examination time, ACT emphasizes the response and speed of the answer. From the perspective of vocabulary and grammar, the vocabulary of SAT is considered to be higher than ACT, and the grammar logic is higher. From the perspective of investigation, ACT focuses on the subject knowledge that students have mastered, not only mathematics, English, but also physical, chemical, biological and other academic content. For students interested in STEM science and engineering, it is very reasonable to choose ACT. The SAT pays more attention to students’ logical thinking and academic ability, and pays attention to reading and writing. In terms of applicability, the number of people taking the ACT test in the United States is far more than the number of people participating in the SAT. The SAT is “almost” recognized by all American universities, and the ACT is recognized by all American universities.

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