The majority of the time, children despise homework. It could be for various reasons. Some may find the subject boring or just don’t want to study once they’re home because they are tired from school. There could be more than one reason. But in general, students find homework annoying and frustrating to complete.

It is believed that too much of anything is always harmful and homework is not an exception. It could have adverse effects on the child’s development and mental health. Children do not find the time to do anything else when they have so much homework to do. One homework question could take up to hours for them If given too much of it.

Kids at the age of 5 spend about 10 minutes of their time doing homework. The teenagers take about 2 hours to complete the amounts of homework they get. But the issue is that kids at a young age have to spend more than 3 times the recommended amount of time doing their homework. At the age of 5, kids should not be receiving any classwork.

When teachers make homework a routine, it becomes a chore for the students. They have no option other than to do it, but they would do anything else but that. When it takes over their life, they start to rebel and develop depression. It is a must that students ask for help at a time like this. Professional comfort is necessary when you think you may be suffering from depression.

Along with help for their mental health, students must also seek help for their homework. Students must take practice tests and do their homework. But the quality of that homework is more important than the quantity. When given too much, they tend to just copy off each other and not understand the concept. It is difficult for them to concentrate for so long in school only to come home and give the same amount of focus to their homework. It drains the students’ energy right out of them.

Various studies have found that students develop various issues when given too much homework or schoolwork. Anxiety, depression, sleeplessness, exhaustion, headaches, weight loss, added levels of stress, and much more. Students cannot take that amount of workload without feeling themselves get stressed to unhealthy levels.

Homework is beneficial to the students. There is no denying that. But there is a limit to everything on how much a student can take. They can only take so much without feeling like giving up. Even though students learn the concept better through homework. They also take action for the same that it cannot take over their life.

As a developing grown-ups, they need to have time and energy to do things other than schoolwork. Recreational activities for students that age are crucial. Taking that away from them means adding obstacles to their physical as well and mental growth. Taking too much of their time is not a good idea at all.

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