This pandemic has been an eye-opener for everyone. Our work-from-home jobs have taught us tough lessons about life that we did not expect. But besides that, it has also been a sweet realization of a few things.

Be it work-from-home jobs in Kolkata or someplace else, everyone all over the world is undergoing more or less similar experiences. We are all stuck at home with only the screen acting as the window to the world. Whether it is a better working condition or not is a different thing but the fact that it has dawned upon us sudden realizations is what we are looking at today.

A Virtual Office is Possible

Remember your boss making a fuss about you asking permission to complete the pending work at home? A couple of years back, the idea of complete remote work was a ridiculous one. Companies would never think of this as a profitable step. But with the pandemic hitting hard on our reality, soon almost all offices began to operate on a work-from-home setup.

This has made us realize that in case of emergency an employee may continue working from home and it would not make too much of a difference. There are several work from home jobs in Kolkata that do not require the employees to visit the office at all.


The pandemic has exposed the entire world to suffering. While some may have to suffer minimally, others may have lost their loved ones. Nevertheless, no one is completely happy amidst this situation. And this has made people more empathetic towards other people. And with more interaction, they get to see and understand each other’s plight which further elevates their empathetic nature.

Working from home does not mean you are cut off from your colleagues. It also requires you to be in contact with several kinds of people daily. This gives you more insight into their sufferings and might even push you to help them in any way possible.

Team Work

A generation that is used to face-to-face interaction, faced a tough time trying to cope with the virtual world. Elder people who were forced with work-from-home jobs in Kolkata had to fight their own battles to understand and work with the technology. And the reason why everything is running smoothly after a struggle of almost two years is that it has been made possible only by teamwork. People learned to cooperate with each other to find solutions to all problems.

The Importance of Technology

The importance of technology is by far the most important lesson that we have learned during work from home. Without technology, the world would crash down and have nothing to hold on to.

The Importance of Mental Health

Work from home has given rise to many mental issues such as stress, anxiety, and depression among people. With the home turned into a den of professional struggles, people find it difficult to look for peace. And since one can neither travel nor indulge in too many gatherings, it has taken a toll on mental health. However, the good news is that this dire situation has made everyone realize the importance of mental health and many are trying to approach the problems in a constructive manner.

Too Much Self Indulgence

Work from home has made us neglect our health as we are indulging too much in bad habits such as smoking and eating between work. In an office, it would be impossible for an employee to smoke a cigarette every now and then. But with no one to keep an eye on, a lot of people have either developed obesity or have become chain smokers. It is high time that we sort our priorities and try to curb the cravings.

Remote working can work greatly in your favor if you are disciplined and have self-control. If you are looking for work from home jobs in Kolkata, try Once you land a good job, you must make sure that you do not take it for granted and work just as you would in an offline office.

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